The Secretary of State to the French Chargé.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your note of the 17th instant, in which you quote an instruction received from your Government setting forth its views concerning this department’s identic circular note of October 18, 1909, regarding the prize court and the court of arbitral justice.

The department is much gratified at the attitude of your Government and regards your note as a substantial acceptance of the additional protocol for the modification of the international prize court and the draft convention for the establishment of the court of arbitral justice, after the prize court has been ratified by a sufficient number of States to permit it to go into operation.

The department notes your Government’s suggestion that a further exchange of notes be made with a view to prepare a definitive text of the convention for putting into effect the court of arbitral justice, and will at the proper time cooperate with the interested powers in the formulation of a definitive text.

Accept, etc.,

P. C. Knox.