File No. 12655/408.

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Reid. 1


Mr. Knox refers to Mr. Reid’s dispatch No. 1180 of the 19th ultimo, and states that Sir Edward Grey’s proposal for a conference of the four interested powers be held at Paris is accepted by this Government. Mr. Knox says that Dr. James Brown Scott, technical delegate to The Hague conference, has been instructed to meet the duly authorized representatives of Great Britain, France, and Germany in Paris on the 18th instant in order to discuss the modification of the prize court convention and the establishment of a court of arbitral justice, and to draw up documents necessary for both upon the general lines suggested in the identic circular note.

Mr. Knox adds that the Government of the United States hopes that a satisfactory agreement may be reached at the coming conference for the simultaneous establishment in the immediate future of both institutions.

  1. Mutatis mutandis to Ambassador Hill at Berlin, referring to dispatch No. 570, of Jan. 14.