In order to facilitate the clearance through the customs department of the United States of America of samples brought into the territory of that country by commercial travelers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, such samples being for use [Page 592] as models or patterns for the purpose of obtaining orders and not for sale, the undersigned Philander C. Knox, Secretary of State of the United States, duly authorized thereto, and in virtue of a similar declaration made by Alfred Mitchell Innes, His Britannic Majesty’s chargé d’affaires at Washington, does hereby declare that, from and after January 1, 1911, and until the expiration of one month after the day on which either the United States or the United Kingdom shall give notice of the withdrawal of said declaration, the officially attested list of such samples containing a full description thereof, issued at the time of exportation by the American consular authorities established in the United Kingdom, shall be accepted by the customs officials of the United States as establishing their character as samples and exempting them from inspection on importation except in so far as may be necessary in order to comply with the law of the United States.

P. C. Knox,
Secretary of State of the United States.