File No. 351.117 D 85/2.

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Bacon.

No. 159.]

Sir: Referring to dispatch No. 84, of March 24, 1910, and previous correspondence relative to the nationality of Réné Dubuc, I send you herewith a copy of a letter addressed to the President October 31, 1910, by Mr. John Gibson Hale,1 attorney for Mr. Dubuc, and referred to the department by the Secretary to the President on the 2d instant.

The department desires that you ascertain, if possible, and report as to what fee, if any, must accompany Mr. Dubuc’s request for authorization to relinquish French nationality. The department also desires to be informed to what official Mr. Dubuc’s request should be addressed.

I am, etc.,

P. C. Knox.
  1. Not printed.