File No. 23876.

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Bacon.

No. 29.]

Sir: I inclose a copy of a letter1 addressed to this department on January 31, 1910, by Mr. John Gibson Hale, of Chicago, Ill., inquiring whether Mr. Rene Dubuc, who was born in France, has not yet attained his majority, and claims citizenship of the United States through the naturalization of his father, may visit his native land without fear of molestation on account of the military-service laws. You will not that Mr. Hale states that some time ago he addressed the French minister of justice in this matter, but has received no response to his letter.

The department desires you to present this case to the French Government, explaining that Mr. Dubuc was naturalized as a citizen of the United States through the naturalization of his father under our law. You will inquire whether he would be held liable to perform military service should he place himself within French jurisdiction for a short time.

I am, etc.,

P. C. Knox.
  1. Not printed.