File No. 211.63 Or5/2.

The Ambassador of Austria-Hungary to the Secretary of State.

No. 2427.]

Excellency: With your valued note of the 8th instant, serial No. 596,1 your excellency was so good as to send me a warrant for the surrender of Moritz Ormai.

I am informed by my Government that there are reasons to suspect that this man has, in addition to the offenses for which his extradition was requested and granted, committed other crimes that come under the provisions of the extradition treaty. The royal Hungarian ministry of justice is gathering the evidence in the case and, upon the completion of this preliminary work, a request that Ormai’s extradition be made to include the said additional crimes will be presented through the embassy.

For the accomplishment of this purpose I beg your excellency most kindly to cause Ormai to be held in custody until the additional request for extradition shall have been presented and the decision of the Federal Government on the subject shall have been rendered and followed by Ormai’s surrender.

Looking forward to the earliest possible obliging reply on the subject, I beg leave to add that I have explained to my Government the necessity of its making its instructions in the case known as soon as possible.

Accept, etc.,

(For the imperial and royal ambassador),
Imperial and Royal Counselor of Legation.
  1. Not printed.