File No. 21158/4.

The Acting Secretary of State to Ambassador Kerens.

Sir: The department acknowledges the receipt of your dispatch No. 105, of September 22, 1910, in regard to the passport application of Mr. Rudolf Warren-Lippit, received with your dispatch No. 66 of July 30 last.

In reply I have to state that, accepting as true the statements in Rudolf Warren-Lippit’s memorandum and passport application, he was born in Austria of a native-born American father in 1859; he has never been in the United States excepting for a period of perhaps 10 months in 1873 and another period of 6 months in 1879; and he did not come to the United States when he arrived at majority, nor has he been in this country during the 21 years that have elapsed since. In his application he states that his permanent residence is at Thurisch, Austria. From the above facts the department is inclined to believe that the allegiance of Warren-Lippit to this country is little more than nominal and that at heart he is no longer a true American. Accordingly, it is the department’s opinion that he is not entitled to claim the protection of this Government, and, therefore, it declines to issue to him a passport.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee.