The Secretary of State to Ambassador Rockhill.

No. 42.]

Sir: I have to inclose for your information a copy of the department’s No. 31, to Harbin.

The department hopes that the question of the municipal government of Harbin may be satisfactorily settled by the proposed conference of the Russian and Chinese representatives at Harbin.

I am, etc.,

P. C. Knox.

The Assistant Secretary of State to Consul Greene.

No. 31.

Sir: I have to inclose for your information a copy of a dispatch from Henry P. Fletcher, Esq., chargé d’affaires at Peking, to the Department of State, dated December 17, 1909, and of a note from the Chinese foreign office to the American Legation which was inclosed in the former. You will observe that arrangement has been made by China and Russia to send officials of their respective Governments to Harbin to discuss the details of the regulations, which it is proposed to adopt for the establishment of municipal councils in the towns located upon the lands of the Chinese Eastern Railway Co., and that the American consul at Harbin will be notified at the proper time.

The department hopes that the proposed discussion may result in an amicable settlement of the questions at issue which will be satisfactory to all interests concerned.

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You are instructed to observe quietly the progress of events and to report promptly and fully any developments affecting the situation. You should avoid taking any other official action in regard to the regulations until so instructed by the department or the legation.

I am, etc.,

Huntington Wilson.