File No. 18942/32.

Minister Heimké to the Secretary of State.

No. 222.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 220, of yesterday, transmitting a copy and translation of two notes addressed to me by the minister for foreign affairs saying that, with reference to my note of the 31st of May last, Col. Alberto García had been replaced by Sr. Don Luis Estrada Monzón as jefe político and comandante de armas at Livingston for the Department of Izabal, I have the honor to confirm my telegram of to-day, reporting to the department that the removal of Col. García as political prefect at Livingston had been effected.

It gives me pleasure to state that the removal of Col. García from the above-named post, as demanded in my note to the minister for foreign affairs of the 31st of May last, and reported to the department on that date in my dispatch No. 207, was conducted by me with the Government without causing the slightest friction; and during an interview which I had to-day with President Estrada Cabrera he took occasion to refer to this incident, when he told me that it had given him pleasure to comply with the wishes of the Government of the United States, and added that he hoped he might be able hereafter to maintain in positions such as the one vacated by Col. García men of tried probity and known civility and fairness toward foreigners.

I shall continue to give my attention to the arrest and punishment of the parties who may be found guilty of the murder of the American citizen, William Wright, and keep the department advised of any action on the part of the Government of Guatemala which may come to my knowledge.

I have, etc.,

William Heimké.