Fourth International Sanitary Convention.
San Jose, Costa Rica, December 25, 1909–January 2, 191012

1. The transactions of the Fourth International Sanitary Conference of the American Republics were published and distributed under the auspices of the Pan-American Union, Washington, D. C.

2. Third International Sanitary Convention, Mexico City, Dec. 2–7, 1907. See Foreign Relations, 1907, p. 840.

[612] The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Merry.

File No. 20272/1.

[613] The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Officers of the United States.

File No. 20272/2–3.

[614] The Costa Rican Minister to the Secretary of State.

File No. 20272/2–3.

[615] Consul Lee to the Secretary of State.

File No. 20272/28.