The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Leishman.


(Mr. Loomis advises Mr. Leishman that Charles Vartanian is an American citizen, having been naturalized on September 22, 1896, and a passport having been issued to him on April 20, 1905. Approves his action and states that the Turkish Government, although denying the right of extraterritorial trial, has repeatedly admitted that the treaty of 1830 provides for the punishment of American citizens by the minister or consul, and this government has been repeatedly assured of the usage observed toward other Franks. In this case the usage has not been observed, as access to the accused and presence at his trial have been denied. It appears that the proceeding has been [Page 888] wholly ex parte, without regard to our treaty rights, even to the limited extent to which Turkey has voluntarily admitted them.

The President directs that a stay of proceedings against this man be demanded until the two governments shall consider and agree on the treatment of the case.)