Minister Leishman to the Secretary of State.

No. 1092.]

Sir: In reply to your dispatch of the 9th instant, No. 839, I have the honor to inform you that corporations unless specially authorized by imperial irade can not acquire and hold real property in Turkey.

Directors of corporations, however, often purchase real property, which they hold in the individual name or names of one or more persons. Legally and apparently such person or persons appear as the owners, but they give deeds of trust to the corporation, declaring that they hold the property for the corporation.

American citizens, whether born or naturalized before 1869, may acquire and hold real property in Turkey except in the vilayet of Hedjaz.

Citizens of Ottoman origin who have been naturalized without imperial iradé since 1869 or their children are not authorized, as foreign citizens, to hold real property in Turkey, as the Ottoman Government does not recognize their naturalization.

Children of such citizens who have been naturalized before 1869 are treated as native-born citizens.

In matters relative to the tenure of real property in Turkey, foreign citizens or subjects are assimilated to Ottoman subjects and the Ottoman law is applied to all.

In these matters foreigners can not take advantage of capitulations. Trusting that this will furnish all the information desired,

I have, etc.,

John G. A. Leishman.