The Swedish Minister to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: One of the direct consequences of the dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway is the cessation of the two countries’ community in regard to the conventions and arrangements of every character entered into jointly by them with another power or several powers. Hence the Swedish Government deems itself released from any responsibility by reason of the obligations stipulated in the said common conventions and arrangements in which Norway is concerned. As for the treaties or other agreements concluded in the name of His Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway for Norway separately, it is obvious—and I hardly need point it out here—that His Majesty’s government is in no wise answerable, after the separation of the two states, for the obligations incumbent upon Norway.

On the other hand, the Swedish Government is of opinion that the above-mentioned instruments jointly concluded by Sweden and Norway, continue in full force and effect as regards the relations between Sweden and the other contracting party or parties, without any modification whatever of the provisions that have heretofore regulated such relations being required by the dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway.

The Swedish Government reserves the right to make, after a more thorough examination, a further communication on the point of deciding whether, and in what measure, a revision of the existing treaties is necessary or expedient.

In the meanwhile, the Swedish Government deems all agreements concluded by Sweden, whether separately or jointly with Norway, to be valid without modifications in regard to the relations therein considered between Sweden and the respective states.

I have the honor to bring the foregoing to your excellency’s knowledge in compliance with directions received by me, and to beg that you will be so good as to acknowledge the receipt of this communication.

Be pleased, etc.,

A. Grip.