The Swedish Minister to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: Following the events of the 7th of June last in Norway and the decision taken by the public powers in Sweden to give, under certain conditions destined to safeguard the honor and the interests of Sweden, their consent to the dissolution of the union existing since 1814 between the two countries, negotiations took place at Karlstad with a view to bringing about an understanding on the subject of these conditions and to determine for the future by eliminating, as far as possible, all causes of misunderstanding—a solid and durable base for the relations between the two countries.

This understanding having been established and the Swedish Parliament having, upon the King’s proposition, consented in so far as concerns Sweden to the abrogation of the act of union of 1815 and to the dissolution of that union, the King has now promulgated a law for the abrogation of the said act of union and for the recognition of Norway as a state completely separated from Sweden. At the same time His Majesty has renounced for himself and for his house the crown of Norway.

While having, in conformity with the orders of His Majesty, the honor to bring the foregoing to the knowledge of the Government of the United States of America, I take, etc.,

A. Grip.