The Secretary of State to the Swedish Minister.

No. 362.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that on the 29th ultimo I received a telegram from the minister for foreign affairs of Norway, a translation of which reads as follows:

The union between Norway and Sweden having been dissolved, notice of which was given by Sweden, the Norwegian Government desires to enter into official relations with the United States as soon as possible and would be glad if the North American Government were pleased to recognize Mr. Ch. Hauge in the capacity of chargé d’affaires ad interim pending the appointment of a minister plenipotentiary.

The Government of the United States having previously been informed by the Government of Sweden, through its legation at Washington, of the King’s renunciation of the crown of Norway for himself and his house, and his recognition of Norway as entirely separate from Sweden, I replied to the minister for foreign affairs of Norway, on October 30, that I should be pleased to receive Mr. Hauge as chargé d’affaires ad interim of Norway.

Inquiry was subsequently made of the minister whether letters recalling you, so far as Norway is concerned, should not be delivered simultaneously with the reception of the chargé d’affaires.

To this the minister replied in a telegram dated the 6th instant, reading as follows:

In reply to your excellency’s telegram of the 4th of November, I have the honor to submit that the recognition of the dissolution of the union by the United States implies, according to international law, that Mr. Grip’s mission has come to a natural end, so far as Norway is concerned. In order to continue in this mission he should have new letters of credence, according to international precedents. The Norwegian Government therefore considers letters of recall to be out of the question, and none of the governments with which the Norwegian Government has entered into diplomatic relations has asked such letters under the circumstances. I hope that your excellency will see no objection to receiving Mr. Hauge in the capacity of chargé d’affaires of Norway, in accordance wth the impression conveyed in your telegram of October 30.

Mr. Lövland’s views coincide with those of this government, which is of the opinion that the situation thus evolved terminates your representation of Norway near the Government of the United States and calls for the issuance of a new letter of credence to you. Pending its receipt I shall be pleased to continue to communicate with you in regard to all matters of interest to the Government of Sweden.

Accept, etc.,

Elihu Root.