Minister Graves to the Secretary of State.

No. 30.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that the special session of the Swedish Riksdag, which was called to consider the dissolution of the union of Sweden and Norway, completed its labors and adjourned this day.

The historical importance of the session caused the King to hold a formal and ceremonious reception of the Riksdag in the throne room of the palace. Preceded by the same elaborate ceremonial as is observed on the opening of annual sessions of the Riksdag, and in presence of the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught of England, all officers of the State, and the diplomatic corps, King Oscar delivered an impressive and touching address to the Riksdag, a copy and translation of which is herewith transmitted.

This historical event marks the dissolution of the century-old union between the nations of Sweden and Norway.

I have, etc.,

Charles H. Graves.

King Oscar’s address to the Swedish Rigsdag, October 18, 1905.

Good Gentlemen and Swedish Men: It is an important moment when I now raise my voice in this throne room.

The union formed in 1814 between the two peoples of the Scandinavian peninsula, which during former centuries were separate nations, is now dissolved and the Swedish Riksdag, by its decision of the 16th instant, has confirmed my proposition in favor of its dissolution.

In truth it is not without great pain that I see the former separation of these two closely related peoples again take place, and the disadvantages and perils which during the nearly century-old union seemed to be forever removed again possibly brought to life. I will, however, not suppress the hope that, notwithstanding the political union no longer exists, a lasting peace between the peoples of Sweden and Norway may nevertheless be preserved during the future, to the happiness and security of both nations, and I am convinced that a good foundation for this has been laid by the agreements with Norway which you now by my suggestion have approved.

At this moment may I, not without deep emotion, proclaim my warm and heartfelt thanks for all the fidelity and devotion which has been shown to me by the noble people of Sweden during the time, so painfully trying to me, which has elapsed since June 7 this year. The memory thereof I shall not only cherish in my heart till the last moment of my life, but it will constantly encourage me to use all the strength which is still left me in my old age to the best benefit of the country and people who have shown me such fidelity and love.

I hereby declare this Riksdag adjourned, and remain, good gentlemen and Swedish men, with all royal grace and favor, always well disposed toward you.