The Secretary of State to the Russian Ambassador.

Dear Mr. Ambassador: I answer your inquiry, in our conversation of yesterday, respecting the view of this government with regard to the treaty relations with Korea following the taking over of the conduct of her foreign affairs by Japan, by saying that, in view of the convention signed November 17 last between Japan and Korea by which Japan becomes the medium for conducting the foreign relations of Korea, and upon receiving assurance that the treaty relations between the United States and Korea remain in full force, the American legation at Seoul has been withdrawn. Notice has been given here by the representatives of Japan and of Korea that the Korean legation in this capital has been withdrawn in like manner. It is the understanding of this government that in all diplomatic matters affecting the persons, rights, and property of American citizens in Korea, under our treaty with that country, our recourse to Korea as a treaty-contracting party remains intact, but that in the discussion and adjustment of such matters the Japanese Government acts as the medium of communication.

I am, etc.,

Elihu Root.