Minister Beaupré to the Secretary of State.

No. 244.]

Sir: Inasmuch as I have heretofore had occasion to send to the Department copies and translations of articles from the Buenos Aires press, commenting unfavorably upon the Monroe doctrine, and as similar articles have appeared within the past few days, it gives me pleasure to record the official opinion of the Argentine Government on this question.

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On September 12 last, Dr. Cárlos Rodriguez Larreta, Argentine minister for foreign affairs, appeared in the Chamber of Deputies in support of his bill for the reorganization of the diplomatic and consular services, and in reply to several interrogations, said that the relations of cordial friendship between the Argentine Republic and all other nations were most satisfactorily maintained, and that—

In regard to the United States of America, they are for us an example of peace and progress. The Monroe doctrine I have understood in no other way than as a doctrine of friendship between the republics of this continent and our great model of the north, which has reached its place—I say it with American pride—at height of the most powerful nations of the earth.

The minister’s remarks were received with applause.

I inclose herewith a clipping from the Diario de Sesiones, of the Chamber of Deputies, No. 63, of September 13, 1905, containing the above extract from the minister’s remarks.

I am, etc.,

A. M. Beaupré.