Minister Beaupré to the Secretary of State.

No. 230.]

Sir: I have the honor herewith to transmit a copy, cut from the Boletin Oficial of this government, No. 3569, of September 16, 1905, of a convention between this Republic and that of Paraguay, which provides for the appointing of a double commission to determine which is the principal branch of the river Pilcomayo, declared by treaty of February 3, 1876, and by President Rutherford B. Hayes in arbitration to be the boundary between this country and Paraguay in the region of the territories of the Chaco.

I am, etc.,

A. M. Beaupré.
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[Inclosure.—Translated from the Boletin Oficial, No. 3569, of September 16, 1905, of the Argentine Government.]

ministry of foreign affairs and worship.

Convention between the Argentine Republic and that of Paraguay for the nomination of a double commission for the purpose of determining which is the principal branch or channel of the Rio Pilcomayo that serves as the boundary of the two countries.

In the city of Buenos Aires, on the 11th day of the month of September of 1905, met in the office of the ministry of foreign affairs and worship of the Argentine Republic: His excellency Dr. Carlos Rodriguez Larreta, minister of said department, and his excellency Dr. José Z. Caminos, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of Paraguay, with the purpose of defining which is the principal branch or channel of the river Pilcomayo which, according to the treaty of the 3d of February, 1876, celebrated between the two Republics and the opinion in arbitration of Mr. Rutherford B. Hayes, President of the United States of America, uttered on November 12, 1878, is the boundary line of the two countries in the region of the territories of the Chaco, have agreed upon the following:

  • Art. I. The Government of the Argentine Republic on the one hand and the Government of the Republic of Paraguay on the other agree to name a double commission, composed of two experts for the first and two other experts for the second, charged to make the necessary studies in the river Pilcomayo in order to determine which is the principal branch or channel of said river, according to the treaty and opinion in arbitration to which reference has been made.
  • Art. II. These studies and the investigation of the river having been concluded, the result of which the commission shall have set forth in a diary of navigation to be delivered in duplicate, the commissioners shall present them to their respective governments with a report and a descriptive chart of said river, giving account of the fulfillment of their mission.
  • Art. III. Upon receipt of this chart and of the documents mentioned in the preceding article the Argentine and Paraguayan Governments shall, through their representatives, examine the matter in the city of Buenos Aires in order to determine the branch of the river Pilcomayo that is to be considered the principal channel according to the treaty of 1876 and the opinion in arbitration above mentioned.
  • Art. IV. Each one of the contracting governments shall pay the expenses of its delegates and half of the common expenses that the commission shall incur in the performance of the duties enumerated in article second.

In faith of which the plenipotentiaries of both Republics duly authorized to this end sign and seal in two copies the present convention in the city and on the date ut supra.

  • C. Rodriguez Larreta.
  • José Z. Caminos.
Approved. Let it be made known to the Congress.
  • Quintana.
  • C. Rodriguez Larreta.