Minister Beaupré to the Secretary of State.

No. 274.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 166 of June 28, 1905, and No. 227 of September 28, 1905, concerning the practice of professions, the former relating to engineers, architects, chemists, and surveyors, and the latter to pharmacists, I have the honor to report that the graduates of American medical and dental colleges, with the appropriate degrees, who wish to enter the Argentine medical or dental faculty, in order to practice their profession in this country, must present the following documents:

The diploma of the college in which the student graduated. The signatures of the rector and secretary on the diploma must be authenticated by the Secretary of State, ratified by an Argentine consular officer there resident, and his signature in turn certified by the Argentine minister of foreign affairs. As a matter of convenience, the signatures on the diploma might be authenticated by a local State officer before being sent to the Secretary of State at Washington.

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The diploma is then to be presented at the office of the secretary of the faculty, accompanied by a translation of the same into Spanish, made by a public translator, on stamped paper. The public translator must also call at the office of the secretary and sign a document acknowledging and confirming the genuineness of his signature.

When the diploma has been accepted by the faculty, a day will be fixed on which the candidate shall appear at the secretary’s office, accompanied by two witnesses, who must not be relatives or minors, and who shall declare in writing that the candidate is the real and lawful owner of the diploma presented.

In addition to this, the candidate must present a petition, written on stamped paper of the value of one dollar, asking to be inscribed in the faculty, and to be allowed to take the examinations necessary for the “revalidation” of his diploma.

The examinations made by the faculty are, of course, in the Spanish language, and embrace the same groups of subjects, and are conducted in the same order and form as prescribed for the alumni of the local school. Provisions are made for reexaminations, in case of failure in the first instance.

The fees for revalidation are: Medical diploma, $900 paper money ($382.14 United States money); dental diploma, $350 ($148.61).

I am, etc.,

A. M. Beaupré.