Ambassador Meyer to the Secretary of State.

No. 89.]

Sir: I beg leave to report that on the 22d and 23d of June there was a strike of all the workmen in the mills and factories in the city of Lodz. Many wine shops were totally demolished, and frequent conflicts occurred between the strikers and the troops, which consisted of regiments of infantry and cavalry. The disturbances looked so serious that I cabled to the Department, true reading of which is as follows:

Serious disturbances at Lodz Friday between 60,000 workmen and troops, four regiments of infantry; two cavalry took part; many streets barricaded; nothing authentic as to number of killed and wounded. Alarm felt in Warsaw; workmen striking; crowds assembling.

The latest reports now state that the city has recovered almost its normal condition and workmen are gradually returning to their duties.

I have, etc.,

G. v. L. Meyer