Chargé Sands to Acting Secretary of State Loomis.

No. 10.]


* * * * * * *

In a conversation with the minister for foreign affairs, Don Santiago de la Guardia, relating to certain matters pending between the legation and the Panama Government at the time of Mr. Barrett’s departure, his excellency informed me that there was no doubt that the police had placed themselves in the wrong and had allowed themselves to be carried away by anger at the sight of their wounded comrade, confounding the innocent with the guilty in a general attack upon all Jamaicans wherever found in the streets.

He told me that the officer in command of the police at the time would be severely punished, and an ample apology and expression of regret transmitted to the British consul, by which he hoped to close the incident.

His excellency added that having engaged a very capable instructor and adviser in police matters (Mr. Samuel Davis, an American formerly employed, I understand, in the police service of Mexico City), the Panama Government hoped for and expected a great improvement in the efficiency of the police force, which, he acknowledged, leaves much to be desired at present.

I have, etc.,

W. F. Sands.