The French Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: It appears from a telegram that I have just received from my government that the Sultan of Morocco has adopted the draft of programme which the Government of the Republic and the German Government had agreed to propose to him, and assents to the conference that is to take up the Moroccan affairs meeting at Algeciras.

By order of my government I have the honor to bring this intelligence to your excellency’s knowledge. I further append hereto, with reference to the conversation I had with you previously on the subject, [Page 675] the text of the protocol concerning the project under consideration, which was signed on September 28 by M. Rouvier and Prince Radolin.a

Be pleased to accept, etc.,

  1. The inclosure is word for word the same as the memorandum printed on p. 673, handed to the Secretary by the French ambassador on October 3, and as the inclosure with the German embassy’s note of the same date as this.