The French Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

[Received by the Department of State October 3, 1905.]


draft of the programme of the moroccan conference, signed at paris september 28, 1905, by their excellencies m. rouvier, president of the council, and prince de radolin, german ambassador.

The two Governments have agreed to submit to the Sultan the draft of the following programme elaborated in conformity to principles adopted by exchange of notes on July 8:

First.—1. Organization, by way of international agreement, of the police outside the border region.

2. Regulations organizing the surveillance and suppression of the smuggling of arms. In the border region the enforcement of these regulations will exclusively concern France and Morocco.

Second.—Financial reform.

Financial support given to the Maghzen through the establishment of a state bank with the privilege of issue, taking charge of treasury operations and acting as a medium for the coinage of money, the profits of which would belong to the Maghzen.

The said state bank would undertake to bring about a sounder monetary condition.

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The credits opened to the Maghzen would be applied to the equipment and salaries of the public forces and to urgent public works, especially the improvement of the harbors and their facilities.

Third.—Study of better proceeds from imposts and of new sources of revenue.

Fourth.—Undertaking on the part of the Maghzen that no public service will be disposed of for the benefit of private interests.

Principle of letting contracts for public works to the lowest bidder, without preference for any nationality.