Prince Radolin, German Ambassador in Paris, to M. Rouvier, Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The Government of the Republic having agreed to take part in the conference proposed by the Sultan of Morocco, the Imperial Government has commissioned me to confirm to you its verbal declarations, according to which it will pursue at the conference no course compromising the legitimate interests of France in Morocco or contrary to the rights of France resulting from her treaties or arrangements, and in harmony with the following principles: Sovereignty and independence of the Sultan, integrity of his Empire, economic liberty without any inequality, utility of police reforms and financial reforms, the introduction of which would be settled for a short period by international agreement, recognition of the situation created for France in Morocco by the contiguity of a vast extent of territory of Algeria and the Shereefian Empire and by the special relations resulting therefrom between the two adjacent countries, as well as by the special interest for France due to this fact, that order should reign in the Shereefian Empire.

This exchange of letters was accompanied by the following declaration:

The Government of the Republic and the German Government agree, first, to recall to Tangier simultaneously their missions now at Fez when once the conference has been convened; secondly, to give to the Sultan of Morocco advice through their representatives in common agreement, with a view to the fixing of the programme which he will propose to the conference on the bases indicated in the letters exchanged under the date of July 8, 1905, between the prime minister and minister for foreign affairs and the German ambassador in Paris.

  • De Radolin.
  • Rouvier.