Minister Gummeré to Acting Secretary of State Loomis.

No. 25.]

Sir: I beg to report to the Department that I have received from Sid El Hadj Mohammed Ben Arby Torres, minister for foreign affairs, at present with the Shereefian court at Fez, a communication, a translation of which is inclosed, regarding a conference which the Sultan proposes should be held for the consideration of reforms in his Empire and the means of raising the necessary expenses therefor, and which I am requested to place before my government. Awaiting further instructions in the matter,

I am, etc.,

S. R. Gummeré.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Minister Gurnmeré .

After compliments.

We have been ordered by our master the Sultan (God strengthen him) to request all the great powers to hold a conference at Tangier, composed by its honorable representatives and those appointed by the Maghzen to discuss the manner for suitable reforms which His Shereefian Majesty has determined to introduce into his Empire, and the expenses to carry out the same. We therefore beg to inform your excellency of this, so that you may notify your government and request them to permit your excellency to attend said conference for the above-mentioned purpose and let us know of its answer, and remain in peace and with joy. Written at the Holy Court at Fez on the 25th day of Rabe 1st, 1905; corresponding to May 29, 1905.

Mohammed Ben Arby Torres.