The Acting Secretary of State to Ambassador Clayton.

No. 1220.]

Sir: I inclose a copy of a letter from Mr. Birch F. Rhodus, president of the Mina Grande Mining Company,a requesting that the attention of the Mexican Government be called to the importance of adopting measures to restrain the Yaqui Indians and of maintaining order in the mountains of Sonora near the Yaqui River, where the mines of this company are situated.

While the Department does not doubt that the Mexican Government fully appreciates the gravity of the Yaqui problem in Sonora, and while the reports from your embassy indicate that Mexico is taking vigorous steps to pacify the tribe, this is sent to show the urgency of adopting measures to protect the large American interests and the many American citizens who have placed their property and lives under the safeguard of Mexican law, trusting in the ability of the Mexican Government to maintain public security.

I am, etc.,

F. B. Loomis.
  1. Not printed.