The Acting Secretary of State to the Japanese Minister.

No. 203.]

Sir: The Department has received a communication from the Russian Government to the effect that the hospital ship Kostroma has been ordered from Shanghai to Manila to take the sick or wounded officers and sailors from the vessels of Admiral Enquist, and take them back afterwards to Russia, and an application has been made to this government to obtain its permission.

This application of the Russian Government is coupled with the formal statement by it that all the persons who shall be authorized and permitted by the united authorities to go on board the Kostroma will give their word to take no further part in the present war. In bringing to your notice the aforesaid request and statement, the Department would be pleased to receive, with as little delay as possible, any suggestions which you may have to make, inasmuch as in the absence of any agreement on the matter between the belligerents, this government will be constrained to take such action as may seem requisite to the duties of the United States as neutral.

Accept, etc.,

Francis B. Loomis.