Minister Griscom to the Secretary of State.

No. 201.]

Sir: Referring to the Department’s No. 84 of November 4, and to my No. 167 of January 12, 1905, in regard to the destruction of sea fowl on the Midway and other American islands, I have the honor to transmit inclosed herewith a copy of a translation of a note received on the 21st ultimo from the minister of foreign affairs, giving further assurances of the efforts of the Japanese Government to stop these depredations.

I have, etc.,

Lloyd Griscom.

Memorandum from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Minister Griscom, received February 21, 1905.

The minister of foreign affairs presents his compliments to his excellency the American minister and has the honor to state that the matter of the supervision of predatory hunters of birds on the Midway Islands and other islands belonging to the United States, referred to in a recent interview, was immediately brought to the attention of the minister of home affairs, from whom a reply has now been received to the effect that instructions have again been issued to the superintendent of the metropolitan police (Tokyo), the governor of Kanawa Ken and other chief local officials, and to the civil administrator of Formosa to take strict measures to prevent any persons within their respective jurisdictions from infringing the regulations prohibiting such expeditions.