The Italian Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 1525.]

Mr. Secretary of State: I appeal to your excellency’s well-known courtesy in order to obtain through you a reply from the Department of Commerce and Labor to the two questions propounded in the inclosed memorandum.

In neither of the two cases contemplated would the imigrant enter as a wage worker. In the first case he is a purchaser of land and is about to become a proprietor; in the second he is an “active partner.”

Please accept, etc.,

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Do the officers of the immigration admit in the United States:

An immigrant or a family of immigrants which comes with the intention to settle in a determined place and to buy land there on long payment and without paying any sum on account of price of sale?

An immigrant or a family of immigrants which comes to work lands on shares; i. e., the net profit derived from the crop raised to be divided between the laborer and the owner?