Minister Powell to the Secretary of State.

No. 1814.]

Sir: I had the honor to state that Mr. Charles Cameau, chairman of the “Chambre des Comptes” (auditing board) has again come to our legation for asylum. I stated that he was here in my No. 1811, June 6, and later upon the guarantee of the President returned to his home. After being there a few days he found, or was informed, that as he refused to admit that his report was wrong and refused to alter the figures, or, in a word, change it according as the President wished, he was to be placed in prison.

Learning this fact from his friends, who advised him to secure shelter without delay, he returned here and at this writing is still here.

The officers of the government have informed him that he might return home, that he has nothing to fear. His friends, on the other hand, advise him not to return, but to leave the country, if he can, as it is not safe for him here.

I have, etc.,

W. F. Powell.
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[Inclosure 1.]

Minister Powell to the Minister of Foreign Relations.

Sir: I have the honor to inform your excellency that Mr. Charles Cameau, a resident of this city and one of your citizens, has received asylum at our legation.

Accept, etc.,

W. F. Powell.
[Inclosure 2.—Translation.]

The Minister of Foreign Relations to Minister Powell.

Mr. Minister: I had the honor to receive your dispatch of the 10th, No. 850, announcing to me that Mr. Charles Cameau, Haitian citizen, had received asylum at your legation.

I thank you for this communication, of which my department has taken good note.

I will be in the meanwhile infinitely happy to hear from your legation, if possible, the reason that has caused Mr. Charles Cameau to seek your hospitality, because this department is able to inform you on its part that the Government of the Republic has not against Mr. Cameau any grief that will cause this determination.

Hoping that your legation will kindly do me the honor to answer on this subject,

I beg you to accept, Mr. Minister, etc.,

M. Férère.
[Inclosure 3.]

Minister Powell to the Minister of Foreign Relations.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your excellency’s favor of to-day’s date, in which you request information as to the reason which led Mr. Charles Cameau to seek asylum at our legation.

In reply to your excellency’s request, I am unable to forward to you the information asked. On coming to our legation he informed me that his personal liberty was in danger and requested asylum from us.

Since Mr. Cameau has been here several persons connected with your excellency’s government have had interviews with him. Among this number were: The President’s private secretary, Mr. Gabrielle; your excellency’s colleague, Hon. F. Marcelin, and the president of the chamber of deputies. Possibly one of the above can give you the required information that you request of me.

Accept, etc.,

W. F. Powell.