Chargé Brown to the Secretary of State.

No. 290.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 285 of June 22 ultimo, in regard to the discourtesy of Judge Solis toward Consul-General Winslow, I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy with translation of the reply received from Minister Barrios expressing profound regret for the incident.

As the government has in no way denied the right of consuls to make inquiries of the courts it appears to me that this reply, taken in connection with the verbal assurance mentioned in my note above referred to, may be accepted as satisfactory and I trust the Department will regard it in the same light.

I should perhaps add here that the American citizen, J. M. Raymond, concerning whom Mr. Winslow originally made inquiry, has been granted bail by order of the appellate court.

I have, etc.,

Philip Brown.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Chargé Brown.

Honorable Sir: Replying to your esteemed communication of the 22d instant, concerning information relative to the imprisonment of the American citizen J. M. Raymond, I have the honor to inform you that my government is profoundly sorry for what has happened, and your esteemed note has been transmitted to the minister for government and justice, requesting a prompt reply upon an investigation of the facts, which I shall have the honor to transcribe to your honor as soon as the reports are received by this department under my charge.

I renew, etc.,

Juan Barrios M.