The British Ambassador to Acting Secretary of State Adee.

No. 193.]

Sir: With reference to Mr. O’Beirne’s note No. 99 of the 9th of May [not printed], I have the honor to transmit to you herewith a revised list of the staff of His Serene Highness Prince Louis of Battenberg and of the captains of the ships of the second cruiser squadron who will accompany the rear-admiral on his forthcoming visit to Washington.

I have, etc.,

H. M. Durand.


Staff of H. S. H. Prince Louis of Battenberg.

  • Flag captain, Mark E. F. Kerr, M. V. O.
  • Flag lieutenant, Gerald Sowerby.
  • Secretary, Edward H. Shearme.
  • Engineer commander, William F. Pamphlett.
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Captains of ships of second cruiser squadron.

  • Charles H. Robertson, C. M. G., M. V. O., H. M. S. Cornwall.
  • Richard B. Farquhar, H. M. S. Essex.
  • Richard H. Peirse, M. V. O., H. M. S. Bedford.
  • Charles H. Dare, M. V. O., H. M. S. Berwick.
  • Herbert G. King Hall, D. S. O., H. M. S. Cumberland.