The Secretary of State to Minister Dawson.


Dispatches received here by Navy Department from Bradford and by Joubert from Vasquez represent serious disturbance. The President wishes you to urge amicable settlement of differences in government. There is good reason to expect early action on treaty here. We can not take any part in differences between factions or officers of Dominican Government. No troops are to be landed except when absolutely necessary to protect life and property of American citizens, and if landed they must confine themselves strictly to such protection, which will extend to the peaceable performance of duty by the Americans who are collecting revenue in the custom-houses so long as the Dominican Government desires them to continue that service. If Dominican Government determines to end the modus vivendi and the collection of duties by Americans nominated by President of the United States, protection will extend to their safe withdrawal with their property.

Notice of such termination should be given formally. We are about to withdraw several of our ships, which will return to United States with Admiral Bradford.