The Acting Secretary of State to General Sanchez.

Excellency: I have the honor to inform your excellency that Mr. Thomas C. Dawson, the minister of the United States accredited to your excellency’s government, has, on account of illness, been granted a leave of absence to return to this country.

As there is no secretary of legation at Santo Domingo City to whom the mission may be intrusted as chargé d’affaires ad interim, the legation has, by the President’s direction, been confided to the care of Mr. M. Marshall Langhorne, who has been appointed deputy consul-general of the United States at Santo Domingo City. Any communication which this government may have to make to that of the Dominican Republic during Mr. Dawson’s absence will be communicated through Mr. Langhorne. I therefore request your excellency to give full credence to whatever he may convey to you on the part of the United States.

In communicating this information to your excellency, I have the honor to inclose the commission of Mr. Langhorne as deputy consul-general, and to request that you will be pleased to grant to him the formal exequatur of the Government of the Dominican Republic recognizing him in his consular capacity.

I avail, etc.,

Francis B. Loomis.