Minister Dawson to the Secretary of State.

No. 119.]

Sir: Referring to your No. 46, of February 6,a transmitting my full powers for the negotiations and signature of the protocol of February 7, I have the honor to report that I exhibited them to the Dominican commissioners, who transmitted them to the President of this Republic. They were found in good form and subsequently returned to me and will be kept in the files of the legation.

At the same time the Dominican commissioners exhibited to me their full powers. A faithful copy and translation thereof are herewith inclosed and the original will be transmitted if desired by the Department. The minister of foreign affairs informs me that he would prefer to have the original full powers returned to him, to be kept in his department’s files, unless you desire otherwise.

I also inclose a copy of my note to the minister confirming the production and exchange of our respective powers.

I have, etc.,

T. C. Dawson.

[Inclosure 1.—Translation.]

Carlos F. Morales L., constitutional President of the Dominican Republic.

To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting:

Having full confidence in the prudence and ability of the citizens Juan Francisco Sanchez, minister of foreign affairs, and Federico Velasquez H., minister of treasury and commerce, I have invested them with full powers and sufficient authority, so that in the name of and in representing the Dominican Republic they may arrange and conclude with the representative of the United States of America, Mr. Thomas C. Dawson, minister resident and consul-general of that Republic, who has been invested with like powers, a protocol for the collection of the receipts of our custom-houses and the payment of all the debts of the Dominican Republic by the Government of the United States of America.

The protocol that is to be signed will be subject for its validity to the approbation of the National Congress.

Morales L.
[Inclosure 2.]

Minister Dawson to General Sanchez.

Mr. Minister: I have the honor hereby formally to confirm the production and exchange of the full powers of your excellency and His Excellency Federico Velasquez H., minister of finance, and of myself as plenipotentiaries accredited by the chiefs of our respective governments for the negotiation and conclusion of the protocol signed February 7, 1905. They were found in good and due form.

I improve, etc.,

T. C. Dawson.
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