The Cuban Minister to Acting Secretary of State Adee.

No. 230.]

Excellency: I have the honor of reproducing in this note the dispatch which my government, interpreting the sentiments of the people of Cuba, sent me yesterday with regard to the deplorable incident which occurred in Cienfuegos, and which I transmitted to your excellency last night.

This morning the coat of arms of the American consulate at Cienfuegos was found sullied. Make known to the Secretary of State the deep regret of the government at this act, which must not be considered as a manifestation of hostility on the part of the Cuban people toward the American people, but as an isolated act committed by a criminal band for the purpose of creating difficulties for the government. A prompt and rigid investigation has been ordered in order that the perpetrator of so repugnant a deed may be punished.

I avail myself of the opportunity to express to your excellency once more the chagrin and mortification which this deed has caused my government, and to assure you that no efforts will be spared in punishing the guilty party, and the honorable Secretary may rest assured that by this means alone the sincere friendship cherished by Cuba toward this nation will be demonstrated to the American people and government.

I reiterate, etc.,

Gonzalo de Quesada.