The Colombian Minister to Acting Secretary of State Loomis.


The chargé d’affaires ad interim presents his compliments to the Assistant Secretary of State in charge of the Department and has the honor to inclose a copy of the address which Dr. Diego Mendoza will have the honor to deliver upon his presentation to the President of the Republic.


Mr. President: I have the honor to place in Your Excellency’s hands the letter of the President of the Republic of Colombia, which accredits me as his envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary.

The circumstances under which it has devolved upon me to come and discharge near your government the duties of the mission with which I am intrusted will not offer insuperable obstacles to the settlement of the questions pending between the two countries, in reliance on Your Excellency’s amicable and justice-loving cooperation and the sentiments of mutual friendship which unite the people of Colombia to the people of the United States.

I am glad to convey to Your Excellency on this occasion the wishes of the President of Colombia for your personal happiness and the prosperity of your country.

And with the hope that my acts will be received with good will by your government, I commend myself, most Excellent Sir, to the hospitality of the United States.