Minister Bowen to the Secretary of State.


(By an official letter which Mr. Bowen received from the minister of foreign affairs last night, he is given to understand:

  • First. That the President of Venezuela will not agree to pay the 5,000,000 bolivars to the allied and peace powers.
  • Second. That pending diplomatic questions do not include questions before the Venezuelan courts.
  • Third. That Venezuela is willing to make a permanent arbitration treaty and to submit to a tribunal whether according to international law a question can be considered a diplomatic question that is pending in a national court. In other words, the President will not agree to submit the Bermudez case to arbitration until a tribunal decides that it is a diplomatic question.

Mr. Bowen adds that the President evidently considers the discussion ended, as he has gone to Maracay for ten days. Mr. Bowen is also of opinion that it should be considered ended.)