The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Bowen.


(Referring to Mr. Bowen’s cablegram of January 13, Mr. Loomis states that Department does not understand that there are any cases for arbitration other than the Bermudez case and possibly the Critchfield, Jaurett, and Olcott cases. The Department is considering the three latter cases. Instructs Mr. Bowen to advise Department what other claims or questions there are for arbitration. Department understands the offer of 5,000,000 bolivars annually to apply to claims already adjudicated, and in order to make satisfactory arrangements with other interested governments the United States Government would have to take over the custom-houses of Puerto Cabello and La Guaira and appropriate the 5,000,000 bolivars annually to payment of adjudicated claims of all the creditor states, handing over the residue to the Venezuelan Government. If this arrangement is made, Department will endeavor to effect satisfactory arrangement with all creditor states. Department would be willing to submit all other claims and questions which admit of arbitration to the same tribunal that tries the Bermudez case. If this is agreed to by Venezuela, furnish list of all claims you know of, and Department will prepare protocols of submission to the same tribunal mentioned.)