Minister Bowen to the Secretary of State.

No. 286.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith a translation of a note I received from the minister for foreign affairs in regard to the memorandum I left with him about paying the creditor nations 5,400,000 bolivars annually, and my answer thereto. If I receive any other communication from him on the subject, I will send to you forthwith a translation thereof.

I am, etc.,

Herbert W. Bowen.
[Inclosure 1.—Translation.]

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to Mr. Bowen.

Mr. Minister: I have the honor to inform you that the Executive, in taking into consideration the memorandum which on the 15th instant your excellency was pleased to leave at this department, desires, considering it necessary, to know beforehand whether your excellency is proceeding in this matter as the representative and authorized agent of the parties interested or at the special request of the government which has accredited you to Venezuela.

I avail myself, etc.,

Gust. J. Sanabria.
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[Inclosure 2.]

Minister Bowen to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Minister: In answer to your letter of yesterday’s date I have the honor to inform you that I am not authorized to represent here any government except my own, and that my object in handing to you my memorandum was to suggest to your government that it would take a wise and creditable step if it should offer to pay to the creditor nations 5,400,000 bolivars annually, in monthly installments. My reasons for making the suggestion are clearly set forth in the memorandum.

I gladly, etc.,

Herbert W. Bowen.