extract from the work entitled “account of the province of the californias, in three letters, written by a priest, a member of the royal convent of preachers of valencia, to a friend. printed in valencia by de orga brothers. mdccxciv. with the necessary authority.”

List of the missions founded by the banished fathers, with mention of the year and of the benefactors.

1. Our Lady of Loreto, founded by Don Juan Caballero y Osio. 1698
2. San Francisco Xavier, by the same 1699
3. Santa Rosalia Molexé, by Don Nicolas de Arteaga 1700
4. Los Dolores, by the congregation of Mexico 1701
5. S. Josef Comundú, by the Marquis de Villapuente 1704
6. Our Lady of Guadalupe, by the same 1709
7. La Purísima, by the same 1713
8. San Luis, by D. Luis Velasco 1718
9. Santiago, by the same 1719
10. S. Josef del Cabo, by the Marquis de Villapuente 1725
11. S. Josef del Cabo, by the Marquis de Villapuente 1730
12. S. Rosa, by Doña Rosa de la Peña. 1731
13. S. Francisco de Borja, by the Duchess of Gandia 1757

Note.—S. Luis and Santa Rosa have been suppressed, but the latter was removed to Todos Santos. Likewise the mission of Los Dolores was suppressed, and the garrison of San Josef del Cabo served for the mission of Santa Gertrudis in the year 1746, and it still exists. (Second letter, pp. 48–49.)