Exhibit A.

exhibit with relation to catholic mission indian schools.

[Submitted by the agent of the United States.]

Reference to page 27 of the report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1901, shows the following Catholic mission Indian schools within the limits of the territory expressly conveyed to the United States by Mexico under the provisions of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:

State. School. Enrollment.
California Banning 139
Do San Diego 82
Do Kelseyville (St. Turibius) 13
New Mexico Bernalillo 79
Day schools.
Arizona San Xavier 100
Do St John’s Mission 83
California Pinole 16
Do Ukiah 11
Do Kelseyville (St. Turibius) 7
Catholic schools in additional territory, apparently originally claimed by Spain as part of California.
Idaho De Smet 93
Montana Blackfeet 78
Do Flathead 163
Oregon Kate Drexel’s 69
Washington Colville 66
Do Puyallup 85
Do Tulalip 93
Total enrollment 1,177