Exhibit B.

Indians to be found in the States and Territories embraced within the limits of Upper California, indicated by the map attached to the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

State, name of agency, and tribe. Population. State, name of agency, and tribe. Population.
arizona. colorado.
Colorado River Agency: Southern Ute Agency:
Mohave on reserve 662 Capote, Moache, and Wiminuche Ute—
Mohave at Fort Mohave 1,200 Allotted 413
Chemehhevi 250 Unallotted 528
Mohave at Needles 300 941
Fort Apache Agency: nevada.
White Mountain Apaches 1,952 Nevada Agency, under school superintendent:
Under school superintendent: Paiute of Pyramid Lake Reservation. 656
Hopi Moqui 1,841 Under Carson school superintendent:
Navaho 1,837 Paiute of Walker River Reservation. 413
Navaho Agency: Western Shoshoni Agency, under school superintendent
Navahos on reserve 12,000 Paiute 223
Navahos off reserve 8,000 Shoshoni 223
Pima Agency: Not under an agent 3,701
Maricopa 350 5,216
Pima 4,400 new mexico.
Papago 1,300 Mescalero Agency, under school superintendent.
Papago, nomadic 2,100 Mescalero Apache 466
Papago at San Xavier 516 Jicarilla Agency:
Under industrial teacher: Jicarilla Apache 813
Havasupai 243 Under Albuquerque school superintendent:
Walapai 573 Pueblo at—
San Carlos Agency: Acoma 650
Apache 2,542 Santa Ana 228
Mohave 473 Zuni 1,541
Apache on San Pedro River 300 3,698
Apache near Mohawk, on Lower Gila River 300 utah.
41,139 Uinta and Ouray Agency:
california. Uinta Ute 457
Under farmer: Uncompahgre Ute 820
Digger 35 White River Ute 371
Hupa Valley Agency under school superintendent: Under day school-teacher at St. George:
Hupa 417 Kaibab 105
Lower Klamath 560 Shivwits 128
Mission-Tule River Agency: Kaibab at Cedar City 45
Mission 2,856 Paiute at Kanosh, Grass Valley, and Rabbit Valley 100
Tule River 146 2,026
Round Valley Agency under school superintendent: Total Indian population 68,397
Concow 164
Little Lake and Redwood 121
Nomelaki and Pit River 71
Wailaki and Yuki 281
Under school superintendent:
Yuma 655
Near Fort Bidwell School:
Paiute 200
Pit River 500
Not under an agent:
Wichumni, Kawai, Pit River, and others 9,371