Mr. Bryan to Mr. Hay.

No. 454.]

Sir: In reference to the Department’s telegraphic instruction of July 30 and to my No. 438 of August 4, regarding the appeal of E. H. Muller for Thomsen & Co., of Rio Grande do Sul, against an attachment threatened by the local authorities in the event of his failing to pay an exorbitant inheritance tax, I have the honor to send herewith a copy of a letter from Consular Agent Vereker. He therein communicates the gratifying information that Mr. Muller with his attorney has proceeded to Porto Alegre, the State capital, there, pursuant to my advice, to seek a compromise through the executive.

I have, etc.,

Charles Page Bryan.
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Mr. Vereker to Mr. Bryan

Sir: I beg to acknowlege the receipt of your letter of the 4th ultimo concerning the Thomsen case.

Mr. Edward H. Müller has been informed of the contents of the same, and he has requested me to transmit his thanks to you for the interest you have taken in connection with this affair. He received in due time your message communicating that the governor had promised delay, for which he is obliged.

By the steamer Itaperuna, which left our port this afternoon, he proceeded to Porto Alegre, where, together with his attorney, he will endeavor to arrive at a reasonable agreement with the State authorities in reference to the inheritance tax to be paid by the heirs of the Barao de Thomsen.

Mr. Müller’s lawyer at Porto Alegre is in friendly relations with the President and other members of the Government; I considered therefore it would not be of great value my going up there.

I am, etc.,

Jorge Vereker.