Mr. Clayton to Mr. Hay.

No. 1555.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 1485, of July 26 last, and to Department’s instruction No. 762, of the 18th instant, relating to consular officers over whom I have supervisory jurisdiction, and the propriety of my requesting them to report to me promptly and directly all cases of denial of justice or invasion of the personal or property rights of American citizens within their respective jurisdictions, I have the honor to transmit herewith copies of communications [Page 830] addressed by me to the consuls-general at Mexico City and Monterey, and to the consul at Vera Cruz upon the subject. Communications similar to that sent to the consul at Vera Cruz were also sent to the other consular officers under my supervisory jurisdiction. Whatever difference may exist between the aforesaid communications and the course which I proposed taking as stated in my dispatch above referred to I hope will meet with the approval of the Department.

I have, etc.,

Powell Clayton.

Mr. Clayton to United States consular officials in Mexico.

Sir: For the purpose of procuring prompt information at this embassy of all cases of denial of justice or invasion of the personal or property rights of any American citizen within the jurisdiction of your consulate-general (consulate), you are respectfully requested to report to this embassy, as soon as practicable, all such cases as may come to your knowledge, either directly or through the consular officers over whom you have jurisdiction, together with statements of such facts relating thereto as you may be able to gather from the sources at your command. The foregoing, however, is not applicable to such cases as may be undergoing fair and reasonably expeditious investigation by the proper judicial authorities, or to cases where the injured citizen has neglected to seek the judicial remedies accorded by the laws of Mexico. Upon complaint being made in such latter cases, it might be well to notify the complainant that before he can receive the intervention of his Government he should seek and exhaust said judicial remedies.

Please communicate the above information to the subordinate consular officers within your jurisdiction with appropriate instructions for the effective accomplishment of the aforesaid purpose.

This instruction is given with the approval of the Department of State.

Very respectfully, yours,

Powell Clayton.