Mr. Hill to Mr. McCormick.

No. 36.]

Sir: I inclose a copy of a letter asking whether the widow of a man who served in the Austrian army live years is entitled to a pension, or other gratuity, and, if so, what steps she must take to secure it. You are instructed to obtain the desired information.

I am, etc.,

David J. Hill,
Acting Secretary.

Mr. Flournoy to the Secretary of State.

Sir: I have the honor to make the following representation of facts to your Department, on behalf of a widow, a resident of the United States, viz:

Her deceased husband served five years in the Austrian army; two years in active service, three years in the reserves; receiving honorable discharge therefrom November 20, 1852. She desires to know, first, whether the Austrian Government grants for such service any bounty, pension, or other gratuity; second, if so, how much, and what steps must she take in order to secure payment to her as such widow.

Should your Department not be able to furnish the information desired at first hand, would respectfully request, if not impracticable or deemed discourteous, that the information sought be gleaned from the Austrian minister, resident at Washington, D. C., and the widow furnished with same through my office.

I have, etc.,

C. H. Flournoy.