Mr. Bryan to Mr. Hay.

No. 455.]

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my telegrama of September 27, and the satisfaction to state that through the good offices of the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, which I had sought, the heirs of Baron Thomsen have effected a final arrangement with the State as to the terms of payment of their inheritance tax. I inclose herewith a letter from the American consular agent at Rio Grande do Sul reporting the amicable closing of the case.

I have, etc.

Charles Page Bryan.

Mr. Vereker to Mr. Bryan.

Sir: Confirming my respects of the 4th instant, I now take leave to apprise you that Mr. Edward H. Müller returned yesterday from Porto Alegre, where he came to an arrangement with the secretary of the treasury by paying into that department the sum of Rs. 35,000$000 as inheritance tax on the estate of the Barao de Thomsen, in Rio Grande do Sul, on the understanding that he should have the right of recovering [Page 114] any excess paid if it be proved by the books when sent back here that the amount due by the heirs is less than that, the Government being in like manner entitled to any deficiency if it be otherwise.

I am pleased that this case has been amicably settled.

Very respectfully, yours,

Jorge Vereker, Consular Agent.
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