Mr. Merry to Mr. Hill.

No. 473.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your No. 359, dated September 8.

I beg to forward herewith copy of telegram from Her Britannic Majesty’s Consul Bingham, San Juan del Norte, and also a copy of his letter, dated 3d instant, advising that the fund placed in his hands by the American merchants at Bluefields has been returned to them and the matter closed. I have written to Mr. Bingham thanking him for his kindly assistance in settling a vexatious question.

The American merchants at Bluefields should thankfully appreciate the action of the Department of State in their behalf, as only its decisive action has secured to them the return of the money paid into the hands of Consul Bingham in trust.

With assurances, etc.,

William Lawrence Merry.
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[Inclosure 1.]

Mr. Bingham to Mr. Merry.


I have the honor of informing you that to-day I have received authorization from the minister of foreign affairs to return to the American merchants, residents of Bluefields, the amounts deposited with me in conformity with the agreement between yourself and Mr. Minister Sanson.

Bingham, Consul.
[Inclosure 2.]

Mr. Bingham to Mr. Merry.

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my telegram to you of the 9th ultimo (13th?) and to inform you that I have now received the written authorization from the Nicaraguan minister of foreign affairs to return to the Bluefields merchants the duties deposited with me.

I have therefore remitted the money to the respective depositors.

I have, etc.,

H. P. Bingham, H. B. M. Consul.