Mr. Hay to Mr. Draper.

No. 461.]

Sir: I inclose copy of a letter from the Secretary of the Navy requesting that the thanks of his Department may be conveyed to the Italian Government for courtesies shown to the U. S. S. Dixie by the authorities of the dockyard at Naples.

You will carry out Mr. Long’s wishes.

I am, etc.,

John Hay.

Mr. Long to Mr. Hay.

Sir: The Department is in receipt of a report from the commanding officer of the Dixie, wherefrom it appears that the Government dockyard at Naples furnished gratuitously to the Dixie 47,000 gallons of water for steaming purposes, and that hose, floats, and other appliances for taking the water on board were also supplied.

The Department would be glad to have its appreciation of this courtesy conveyed by the State Department to the Italian Government.

I have, etc.,

John D. Long, Secretary.